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TJ Living

TJ Living is a life attitude of passion, love, and respect for everyone and everything in life. People are full of passion, dreams, and creative ideas for positive social change, but sometimes need help implementing these concepts.

TJ Living provides a platform for connections between talented and like-minded individuals. The initiative offers guidance, support, and expertise in accelerating passionate ideas into a reality. TJ Living provides mentorship opportunities and a space for individuals to grow, learn, and develop valuable experiences in their journey.

June 8, 2020

Tian-Jin Temple Food Bank Donation Campaign

In May, Tian-Jin Temple joined a Virtual Matching Donation Campaign for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.
March 19, 2020

Important update regarding COVID-19

Tian-Jin Temple will be suspending certain weekly services in light of the COVID-19 situation.
March 7, 2020
Seniors celebrate Donna's birthday with arts and crafts

Birthday Celebration During Community Happy Hours for Seniors

The seniors that meet every Saturday celebrated Donna's birthday.
February 27, 2020
TJ Living team gathers outside the Warm Centre, holding cloth bags of winter items for the homeless.

TJ Living at the Warming Centre

TJ Living personally delivered 200 Winter Packs to the Warming Centre in Burnaby.

Annual festival celebrating culture

Tian-Jin cultural celebration festival

Every May, Tian-Jin Temple hosts the Tian-Jin cultural celebration festival. Over two thousand visitors come together to enjoy the performances provided by local talent, taste delicious Asian cuisine, and have a fun day of family-friendly activities.

TJ Living

Chinese culture and the art of calligraphy

Tian-Jin Centennial Cup

To carry forward Chinese culture and share the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, the Association proudly hosted the Tian-Jin Centennial Cup, a Chinese calligraphy competition that draws artists from across the Lower Mainland.

TJ Living

Winter Warmth

Distribution of winter items

Each year, TJ Living organizes a "Winter Warmth" clothing drive, purchasing new blankets, gloves, touques, socks, and other warm winter items for the Downtown Eastside homeless population.

TJ Living

Eight Generals and Formation Drums

Cultural Performing Arts

A group of young people who love the Chinese traditional folk culture collaborated together to form the Tian-JIn Formation Drums and the Eight Generals Troupe. Creating their own music and performance routines, they aim to bring traditional art to a modern audience. Both groups are frequently performing at large events throughout the Lower Mainland, wow-ing spectators with beautiful, hand-crafted costumes and props.

TJ Living

Vancouver Outreach

Distribution of sandwiches to the homeless

Under TJ Living, the Vancouver Outreach initiative was created with the support of social groups, local churches and student volunteers. Every other week, volunteers meet together to make and distribute sandwiches and fruits to the Downtown Eastside and Burnaby homeless population. At several points throughout the year, Vancouver Outreach also provides care packages of basic necessities to these communities. The program has received positive responses from the government and local groups.

TJ Living

DEAL Music Studio


Two young adults passionate about music created “DEAL Band” in their desire to make and perform Mandarin pop music in the community. At the beginning, they held regular rehearsals at Tian-Jin Temple. Under encouragement and support, the band continued to grow, attracting other young adults and teenagers to join their music group. Now, having established a permanent studio location, DEAL Band inspires talented young artists and musicians to participate in and organize major musical events in the Lower Mainland and Burnaby.

TJ Living

Free medical clinics

China Medical University Student Volunteers

The students of the Chinese Medical University Volunteer Team have provided free clinical services in Southeast Asian countries to impoverished communities. After much coordination, the team of students practicing medicine crossed international borders and visited Tian-Jin Temple, leading free clinics to the public for five days in 2015. They served more than 450 patients during this time, providing Chinese medical consultations and treatment.

TJ Living

Student volunteers

Adai Volunteer Network

Several members of the public and students, driven by their passion of giving back to the community, formed the Adai Volunteer Network. The non-profit organization was happily welcomed by the Association, and Adai has, since launching, coordinated support from both high-school and post-secondary student volunteers for major events. With self-created web and mobile applications, Adai recruits student volunteers to provide service to the community in large-scale events, regular charitable activities, and more.


To align with the recent provincial health order, Tian-Jin Temple is suspending weekly activities until Jan 8.