A place of creativity, beauty, and tranquility

Tian-Jin Garden

With over 96 different plants, the Tian-Jin Garden is a beautiful space outside the temple, maintained regularly by creative and dedicated volunteers.

Not only does the garden feature five zones of flowers, trees, and shrubberies, there is also a lovely stone pond, as well as a pebble path perfect for acupressure enthusiasts.

We welcome you to visit the Tian-Jin Garden and enjoy a moment of peace in the tranquil space.

Explore the garden zones

Some of the plants in the garden are native to North America, while some are from Europe, Asia, and South America. While many are cultivated for their ornamental function and beauty, others are beneficial to the body as medicinal herbs.

See the trees, flowers, and shrubbery growing in each garden zone, and learn about the uses and special features of each plant.