Celebrate, reflect, and ring in the new year

Lunar New Year Events

Starting on Lunar New Year's Eve, we organize many events and activities to welcome a year of prosperity, good health, happiness, and peace. Individuals can visit the temple to light special lamps, participate in the 7 Candles' Crossing or other Chinese traditions, and sound the big bell in the great hall.

Lunar New Year Turtle

Giant Rice Turtle

Turtles have long since been recognized as a symbol of longevity, wisdom, and wealth. The temple follows the Taiwanese tradition of building a giant turtle out of 5-kg bags of rice.

Individuals can then pray and sign their names on the bags of rice at $15 each, in exchange for a year of good health. After the Lantern Festival, registrants may bring the bags of rice home or allow the temple to donate to the Food Bank.

Lunar New Year Dragon Boat

Ring in the New Year,
Boat of Fortune

On this day, we celebrate the new year through a ceremony, followed by the arrival of the "God of Fortune", who hands out candies and treats symbolizing wealth. Individuals can also exchange money for a red packets, which they hold on to for a whole year to bring in new opportunities.

Visitors can also compete in a friendly activity to bring home the Boat of Fortune.

Lunar New Year Chanting

Chanting Scriptures

Join us for a chanting session in the morning at 9 am. We welcome visitors to register for offerings of fruits, flowers, or incense.

Lunar New Year Candles

Seven Stars' Crossing

The Seven Stars' Crossing is formed by seven tall candles, which represent the Big Dipper star constellation. The Big Dipper is very important in Chinese culture, as it had been believed to be the force behind the four seasons.

Visitors to the temple can cross do the famous "Seven Stars' Crossing" for a small fee, stepping over the seven candles in a specific pattern to rid themselves of bad fortune for the upcoming year.

Lunar New Year Fire Crossing

Jan 25 - 27

Fire Crossing Ritual

"Fire" has the meaning of purification, and stepping over burning coals has long been known as a “cleansing ceremony” in Taiwan. The ritual is believed to get rid of bad fortune, reduce risks of disaster, and achieve a blessing effect.

We offer the Fire Crossing Ritual for three days, allowing participants to step safely over a small metal pot of hot coals at the entrance of Tian-Jin Temple. Those who cannot attend the ritual in person may ask their family member to participate on their behalf while holding a few of their clothing items.

Lunar New Year Long Gui

Dragon Turtle

A dragon turtle is a legendary Chinese creature that combines two of the four celestial animals of Chinese mythology: the body of a turtle with a dragon symbolizing courage, fertility, longevity, power, success, and support.

Come and seek blessing and protection of Dragon Turtle. Only 1 lucky person will have the honor of bringing the Dragon Turtle statue home and receiving its blessing for the entire year. The individual must return the statue at the end of year, paying a deposit of $680 CAD. He or she must also register in 10+ tables fo both Tian-Jin Ceremonies.

Lunar New Year Money


Replenish the Wealth Bank

It is believed that everyone is born with a “Wealth Bank” that holds not tangible, financial wealth, but rather, merit and virtue. The karmic wealth comes from the positive actions of ancestors, and their accumulated blessings; however, complications in one’s past life can reduce the number of blessings, resulting in disasters, diseases, misfortune, or displeasure in the new life.

Replenishing the “Wealth Bank” is not something you can do overnight—you must continuously do good deeds and give from the bottom of your heart. Tian-Jin temple offers a ritual for visitors to maintain steadiness in their “Wealth Bank”, allowing individuals to continue to build positive karmic energy through good deeds.

Lunar New Year Noodles

Noodles of Peace

Noodles symbolize longevity in many Asian cultures. Eating them in the New Year is said to welcome a year of good health and peace. Visit Tian-Jin Temple to snack on some delicious noodles, free to all visitors.

Lunar New Year Bell

Ringing the Temple Bell

Rise early in the morning and visit Tian-Jin Temple to sound the large bell in the front altar. The fun event is said to bring about a sense of calm and tranquility to those that "ring" in the new year.

Lamps of Blessing

Visitors are invited to register for a lamp of blessing, which can be lit for the duration of the Lunar New Year festivities, or maintained for the entire year in the Great Hall of Tian-Jin Temple. There are different types of lamps available for specific needs.

Please visit or call the front desk to register: (604) 568-9880.

Lamp of Brightness

For a bright future and blessings for more wisdom.

Lamp of Academic Success

For academic or career prosperity.