Community Service

Compassion meets community in the year-round initiatives led by the Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada under the leadership of the TJ Living volunteers.

At the heart of our mission is a commitment to creating positive change in society and giving back to the community. Our impactful programs and contributions touch the lives of those in need, spreading warmth and support.

TJ Senior Hub

The Senior Hub was born out of the desire to address the intensified isolation of seniors during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, a heightened time where individuals were largely confined to their homes.

Each week, seniors in the neighbourhood come together over afternoon tea, fostering meaningful connections through group activities like painting, cooking, exercising, and learning each others' languages. The program strives to create a warm and inclusive environment, emphasizing the importance of regular social interaction as a fundamental aspect of seniors' lives.

Community Fridge

Fueled by local sponsors, the TJ Community Fridge is more than a food source—it's a lifeline. Offering free meals and essentials like imperishable goods, fresh groceries, baked bread, and bento boxes, the fridge and pantry are restocked daily by dedicated volunteers with approximately 60 pounds of food per day. Since its launch, the initiative has positively impacted over 7,300 households: a significant contribution in our community's battle against food insecurity.

The Community Fridge is located facing the alley towards Linwood Street, and is accessible 24/7 to those in need.

Winter Outreach Program

In the colder months, TJ Living volunteers partner with Burnaby Southside Community Church to craft and deliver essential winter care packages to vulnerable populations. Since its initiation in 2018, the program has provided around 4,000 warming kits, each containing blankets, scarves, mittens, socks, and additional items, offering comfort and support to those facing cold weather challenges. Volunteers also participate in the annual Coldest Night of the Year walk, raising funds to support homeless individuals during the winter months.

Annual Food Bank donations

Twice a year, the Tian-Jin Ceremony brings families together to honour their ancestors. All non-perishable food offerings—approximately 20,000 pounds per ceremony—are donated to the local food bank. Over the past decade, the temple has contributed over 200,000 pounds of food. In 2022, the contribution helped Burnaby Mayor Mike Hurley surpass his Food Bank Challenge goal.

Celebrating multiculturalism

For more than a decade, the TJ Fest has been the heart of cultural celebration. The annual festival has become a cherished tradition, drawing thousands of visitors over the May weekend. Guests can enjoy traditional Taiwanese cuisine at the food fair, delight in stage performances from over 15 local art and cultural organizations, play family-friendly games, and browse unique creations from craft vendors. Originally intended to showcase traditional Chinese culture, the festival has since evolved, now inviting guests to learn about and celebrate the diverse cultures within the community.

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