Cultural and Academic Exchange

Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada, established in 1995, aims to promote the development and continuation of Chinese culture, promote the practice the merits of Kuan-Kung’s teachings, promote Taoist academic exchanges, and engage in social welfare.

To practice the principle of "to support; to help; to enlighten", the Association established the first Kuan-Kung centric temple in Canada– Tian-Jin Temple in 2012. With compassion, solidarity, and equality, regardless of religion or ethnicity, the association carries out activities such as social and spiritual guidance, charitable donations, and religious ceremonies, so that people can live more harmoniously, towards a more stable society.

Academics and Education

  • 2016-2019 Annual Calligraphy Competition

    Organized and hosted the Tian-Jin Century Cup Calligraphy Competition, inviting Chinese calligraphy lovers from the Lower Mainland for the change to win monetary prizes.
  • 2016-2018Promoting Chinese calligraphy

    Tian-Jin Temple volunteers set up booths at the Burnaby Museum throughout the summer to showcase traditional Chinese calligraphy to visitors.
  • 2016Introducing Taoism to SFU students

    Facilitated a visit for Simon Fraser University undergraduate students and their professor to observe the annual Taoist ceremony, where disciples pay respects to their ancestors and deceased loved ones.
  • 2006 Participation in the International Taoist Symposium

    The symposium has been running for over a decade, drawing hundreds of attendees to engage in discussions about the various aspects of Taoism, spanning historical insights and its significance in the modern era.
  • 1997Launch of the Tian-Jin Temple Lunar Calendar

    Started printing and distributing the free annual Lunar Calendar, which identifies the year's auspicious and inauspicious dates according to the lunar cycle.

Multicultural Exchange

  • 2023Various visits from schools and religious groups

    The following groups visited in 2023:

    • High school students from Little Rock City, Arkansas, USA
    • Capilano University student project team
    • Maple Ridge Christian high school students
    • Sanlih E-Television
    • Lung Kong World Federation

  • 2017Visits from different groups

    The following groups visited in 2023:

    • United Church of Christ
    • National Air University of Taiwan
    • Burnaby Neighborhood Tour
    • The Chio-Tian Folk Drums & Art Troupe

  • 2016Discussion with other religious groups

    Facilitated discussions and visits with the Longhu Mountain Tianshi Mansion and Hong Kong Tung Cheng Yuen Buddhist Association.
  • 2015Exchange of religious discourse

    Coordinated a conversation with the Burnaby Multi-religious Exchange Group.
  • 2005Connecting to Lytton First Nation

    Organized a cultural exchange with the Lytton First Nation.