Preserving cultural heritage and caring for people

Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada

We are a non-profit charity organization founded in 1995. Our mission is to do our best to support, help, and enlighten all who are in need. We pull together social resources to educate the public, engage in charitable acts, and promote academic exchange activities.

Our goal is to facilitate a peaceful and stable society by upholding religious and spiritual practices, giving back to the community, and demonstrating the fine aspects of traditional Chinese culture.

A place for self-improvement and social harmony

Tian-Jin Temple

In 2009, we officially announced plans for Tian-Jin Temple, the first temple to be established in Canada that worships Kuan-Kung. In 2012, Tian-Jin Temple opened its doors to the public to serve the community. The temple is a bright space for gatherings of community members, and also offers religious and traditional Chinese services.

With compassion and the belief in equality regardless of race, religion, or origin, Tian-Jin Temple unites people and promotes a harmonious society. Following the path of Kuan-Kung, we enlighten our minds and heart through a focus on self-improvement, helping others along the path of Tao, and leading a virtuous life according to traditional Taoist values.

See the Tian-Jin Garden

Managed by dedicated volunteers, the Tian-Jin Garden features over 96 different plants, from flowers to trees to medicinal herbs.
A platform where passion and dreams become reality.

TJ Living

In 2013, we launched TJ Living, a platform for person-to-person interactions and connections. TJ Living strives to inspire new friendships between talented and like-minded individuals so they have the opportunity, space, and mentorship to work towards their aspirations.

Since launching, TJ Living has participated in numerous public dialogues on multiculturalism, spearheaded yearly charitable acts in Burnaby and Vancouver, as well as helped groups of young people to reach their dreams.

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