Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada

Established in 1995, the Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada upholds the core mission of "helping, saving, and guiding those in need". Drawing inspiration from the virtues of loyalty and filial piety embodied by the well-known Chinese deity, Kuan Kung, the Association is dedicated to serving the community through charity and cultural engagement.

TJ Living

In 2012, the Association established the first Kuan-Kung temple in Canada, Tian-Jin Temple. In 2013, TJ Living was created as a platform for person-to-person interactions and connections.

Since launching, TJ Living has been greatly involved in the community. Notable activities include making biannual donations to the Food Bank, distributing winter and food items to the homeless population, and participating in cultural festivities and public dialogues on multiculturalism.

Get Involved

There are many ways to join our community, whether you're interested in volunteering and supporting our events, or making a donation to our efforts.