Tian-Jin Temple Ceremony

Tian-Jin Temple organizes the Fahui Ceremony two times per year, once in May, and once in the fall. Led by Master Chen from Taiwan, individuals pay respect to their deceased ancestors by chanting scriptures and praying with incense during the ritual.

At the Ceremony, individuals provide a "feast" for their deceased ancestors and other lone spirits, providing tables of food offerings. When the Ceremony ends, the non-perishable food items are donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Sep 20 - 22, 2019

8 am - 9 pm (Sep 20/21)
8 am - 5 pm (Sep 22)

3426 Smith Ave., Burnaby

  • 天金堂法會祭拜
  • 天金堂法會鮮花供果
  • 天金堂法會跪拜
  • 天金堂燒金紙
  • 天金堂陳師公做法
  • 天金堂法會燒蓮花

In May 2019, the Ceremony provided 16,055 pounds of food to the Food Bank.

Ceremony Details

Please visit the Tian-Jin Temple front counter or give us a phone call if you'd like to register in the Ceremony.