Tian-Jin Century Cup Calligraphy Competition

The first ever Tian-Jin Century Cup Calligraphy Competition was held in partnership with the Rotary Club of Vancouver Centennial at Tian-Jin Temple in September 2016.

With over twenty contestants between the age of 10 and 80 attending the first competition, the annual event, held typically in the fall, attracts aspiring Chinese calligraphy artists from the community. Contestants compete for monetary prizes and receive live feedback from a professional panel of renowned calligraphy teachers.

Sept 15, 2019

10 am - 12 pm

3426 Smith Avenue, Burnaby

  • 天金書法比賽評審
  • 天金堂書法比賽
  • 天金堂書法比賽作品
  • 天金堂書法比賽頒獎典禮
  • 天金堂書法比賽參賽者先生
  • 天金堂書法比賽參賽者女士
  • 天金堂書法比賽所有參賽者

Student group
(Age 20 and below,Born after 2000)

1 Grand prize:$200 and plaque

1 Second place: $150 and plaque

1 Third place, $100 and plaque

Adult Group
(Age 20 and above,Born during or before 1999)

1 Grand Prize: $300 and plaque

1 Second place: $200 and plaque

1 Third place: $200 and plaque

Honorary award winners receive a certificate

Event details

  • All aspiring calligraphy artists are welcome to enter.
  • Competition groups:
    • Student group (Age 20 and below, born after 2000)
    • Adult group (Above age 20,Born during or before 1999)
  • Different Chinese calligraphy styles are accepted.
  • All contestants must bring photo identification (e.g., Driver's License) with them to the event on Sun Sep 15, 2019.
  • All contestants must bring their own brushes and calligraphy sets.
  • All contestants will be provided with the same paper for the competition. They are not permitted to use their own paper.
  • Once the calligraphy topics have been announced, contestants are not permitted to consult written or online resources during the competition.
  • All works must be signed by the artist. There are no rules around calligraphy font styles; however, all must be handwritten by the artist.

2019 Award Winners

Student group

First place:Zhang Pin

Second place:Liu Xiqian

Third place:Xiao Yide

Honorable mention
Cheng Yuting, Li Guoming, Zhao Qingxuan, Wang Jingyun, Wang Yuyue, Lai Xincheng, Wang Guorong

Honorary Award:
Huang Riqiang, Wu Shaocong

Adult group

First place:Ma Tianqi

Second place:Wang Xianglong

Third place:Zhang Siwei

Honorable mention
Zhang Wenwen, Liu Siyue, Xiao Yuxin, Han Xincheng


Congratulations to all the winners!