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Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada

Chinese Taoism Kuan-Kung Association in Canada

Established in Vancouver during 1995 as a non-profit charitable organization, the Association aims to provide service to the society and promote ethical and moral practices. These missions are based on the values of the Chinese deity and historic figure, Kuan Kung.

Our Mission

  1. To propagate the religion and philosophy of Taoism;
  2. To promote Taoist principles, Kuan-Kung spirit, and morality in the daily lives of its members and the public;
  3. To purchase, construct, maintain, fund, operate, own, or support Taoist temples or other buildings for its members to study, live, meditate and to worship in peace;
  4. To assist and aid other Taoist associations;
  5. To establish, fund, operate, own, or support schools, colleges or other educational institutions which follow the teachings of Taoism;
  6. To advance the practice of Taoism in Canada though:
    • Printing, publishing in various media or contributing to articles on Taoism;
    • Making donations to other registered charities with similar social concerns; and
    • Services, lectures, workshops, seminars, discussion groups and conferences designed to instruct individuals and assist in the interpretation and application of on the
    • principles of Taoism;
  7. To solicit and receive donations from members and the public to be applied for the purposes stated herein and for the relief of sufferers of poverty, famine, flood, pestilence and other disasters; and
  8. To clarify, explain or interpret and to acquaint the general public with Chinese and Oriental culture as it pertains to Taoism.

Tian-Jin Temple

Canada’s Tian-Jin Temple is like a big family. The people here are friendly, caring and encouraging. They recognize the loyalty spirit of Kuan Kung, the compassion of Kuan Shi Yin, the relief of Ji Gong in helping the poor, the courage of Ne Zha and the perseverance of Di Zang.

Tian-Jin Temple is a safe and fun space for activities like life education, spiritual guidance, charitable events, and religious ceremonies.

TJ Living

In 2013, the Association then created TJ Living, a platform for person-to-person interactions and connections. TJ Living strives to inspire connections between talented and like-minded individuals so they have the opportunity, experience, and mentorship to work towards their goals.

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3 main missions:"Saving, helping, and aiding those in need."

Deities of Tian-Jin Temple